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A picture is worth a thousand words.

My book wouldn’t be what it was if it wasn’t for Alicia Dickerson Griffith of Four Legged Photo. I wanted to include a photo essay demonstrating the relationship between dogs and the people that love them. When I saw the work that Alicia does at both weddings, as a pet photographer, and sometimes even mixing the two—I knew she was the right photographer for the job.

Alicia also donates her time photographing seven lucky dogs a month at the Oregon Humane Society to help the dogs get adopted. You can see pictures of the lucky seven all around Portland. Here’s one of the early photos from the book.

See, I told you she’s good.

Who’s going to take care of your dog like you do?

When a dog park is having a grand opening, who do they call for a cake? The Dog Food Dude. We made a very large version of my Birthday Beefcake (the recipe is in the book). Instead of sugary frosting, which dogs don't need, I use vegetables.

And the dogs love it!

If you’re looking for a place to let your dog run around and meet some new buddies during all this rain, check out The Dog Park, they know how to take care of dogs.

Want to find out how your dog food rates? 

Check out almost every brand at Dog Food Advisor. The information is easy to understand and comes with a five star rating system.  How does your dog food rate?

Stam Treats

I love STAM! Sometimes you don't have time to cook. (Although my recipes make it pretty easy.)  Stam makes their treats here in Portland and if you send them a picture of your dog, they'll put the dog on the packaging!