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There is so much going on as the book launch nears. 

First off, the new website. Holy Moly, am I lucky to know Tim Liszt at LisZtDesign. Tim and I met on Sunday to talk about my project and two days later the website was ready to go. It helps that he designed my last website, but he took it to a new level with a new logo and a kitchen theme background. Thank you, Tim.

Reviews are starting to pop-up, I’m booking a radio show appearance, an article, and two television appearances before the book even comes out. I’m so happy that the book is being well received by the media and bloggers. 

I’m looking forward to hearing what you and your dogs think of the book and recipes. Just remember, start with teaspoons and tablespoons, not cups and handfuls, as your dog begins enjoying fresh foods.

Here’s a calendar of what’s going on with the book. I’ll update each item with a link as we either get closer to the event or to recap the event.

March 16th — On Good Day Sacramento for a cooking segment. I had four minutes to share three recipes. Ready, Set, Go.

April 2nd — I just appeared on KATU’s AM Northwest. I watched this show all my life and I feel so honored.

April 9th I’m teaching girl scouts to make dog cookies and teaching them about canine nutrition.

April 10th — The big day. Feed Your Best Friend Better will hit your local bookstore’s shelves. 

April 12th — My book launch party at Seek The Unique. I’ll be cooking for the dogs while The Lambs Table Catering serves dinner for people at the table. I’ve attended three of their dinners and the meals and environment are amazing.

April 14th — It’s my birthday. This is also the birthday of Jackson who inspired me to start a dog food company and then write Feed Your Best Friend Better.

April 19th — I work at adidas to pay the bills, and after hearing about the book and supporting my efforts for four years, they’re throwing me a book launch party.

April 21st — My cooking class at In Good Taste in Lake Oswego.

May 12th — I’ll be at the Oregon Humane Society’s Doggie Dash. Start a team and meet me there!