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My Pack

Let me introduce you to the pack...

Here's who is currently taking up space on the bed:

Raleigh is my little girl, but she’s most often mistaken for a male dog because she’s kind of a tom-boy. I like to say that she’s one-quarter dog, one-quarter girl, one-quarter boy and one-quarter squirrel. She learned everything my first dog (and best buddy, Jackson) had to teach her and then some. Raleigh routinely fetches things for me while I’m working in the yard or cleaning house and accompanies me everywhere I go. She also brings in the paper on a daily basis. Her excellent training is partly due to our continual practice and a treat that I created just for her called “Good Girl Gizzards.” She might look tough, but she’s the most polite and well behaved dog that I’ve ever had. She even gently plays tug of war with Duncan.

Flynn is our trouble maker. He came to us from Born Again Pit Bull Rescue after they saved him by mere hours from being put to sleep.  He's tough, but loving and definitely presents a challenge. However, consistency and training are starting to pay off.  Yes, we still have a ways to go. From what we know he's a Basenji mix so he not only barks but he also vocalizes quite a bit which leads to people running out of their houses to see what's wrong when he sees a squirrel.

Duncan is a teacup Chihuahua. He's the dog everybody gravitates toward because he’s so small and cute. He spends most of his time hiding under the covers and keepingwarm despite a small wardrobe of shirts made from the sleeves of my old shirts. When it comes to eating, Duncan is a timid eater, but he loves his treats. I’ve faked him out more than once by giving him my recipe for chewy kibble (it’s really a delicious meal, but he thinks it’s like cake!) Duncan is an excellent singer, and his crooning inspires all the other dogs to join in.

Dogs we are grateful to have had in our lives:                 

Jackson was the dog that started it all. He was onery, strong willed but on the flip side he was goofy and loving.  Quite the combination. Due to a fence chewing accident he had a silver tooth.  When Jackson was diagnosed with cancer and given 9 months, I turned to whole foods to nourish him and dramatically improved his health. He not only beat lymphoma, he lived for four years!  He was my first dog and definitely holds a place in my heart.  I'm thankful that his struggle has helped to improve the lives of so many other dogs.

Chloe was the old lady of the house. She lived well into her 16th year and succumbed to congenital heart disease. We kept her going strong on a special diet (Healthy Heart Beef and Yams). Before I met her, Chloe wouldn’t touch most vegetables, but now I have her eating carrots, green beans, apples and even a bit of banana every now and then. Her hobbies are sitting cat-like on the back of the couch waiting for me to come homechecking the kitchen floor for any fallen crumbs.

Baxter was our Lhaso Apso with a mind of his own. He’s was the most opinionated of the bunch but was also the best cuddler. Before I met him, Baxter was being fed a diet of “cheap dog food” and “meat-like patties” sold for dogs. Problem is that those patties are made with high concentrations of high fructose corn syrup. It’s no surprise that Baxter was diabetic now, which meant daily shots of insulin. Unfortunately Baxter was also blind as a result of his diabetes. But believe me, this wasn’t a dog you need to pity—he was tough and resilient. Baxter had an uncanny ability to tell when we are slicing vegetables and was always first in line for a treat.